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Know how

Our company places its level of requirement by thinking of the passion that each designer wants to place in their jewellery. We specialize in finding center stones from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma or Cambodia, Brazil, Zambia or Tanzania…

We travel two to three times a year. The rest of the year, we take advantage of the network of producers and suppliers that we weave throughout our travels and our commercial relations. In many cases, the approach closer to the sources allows us to guarantee the traceability of our stones.

We often collect these stones from the hands of mine owners. By respecting their work, by the relationship of trust and fair prices, we ensure a long-term commercial relationship. This relationship, reducing intermediaries to a minimum, allows us to offer the most attractive prices for the quality offered.

Lovers of beautiful work, we make it a point of honor to work with tailors of exceptional levels, in France and in Europe in particular, for the cutting or re-cutting of important center stones.

We put the greatest rigor in the choice of each stone, without ever forgetting to place at the center of our concerns, a taste for balance and beauty, a sense of tradition or a desire for innovation. A beautiful stone is a stone with a personality, a soul.