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Our values


Because the need that brings us together is yours, we are above all at your disposal and wish to accompany your wishes in terms of stones. We have a stock allowing us to meet your current needs in precious and fine colored stones.

We can offer you very precise cut stones, in classic or original designs. It is also possible to respond to your special orders during our travels or through our contacts in the major trading centres.


Those who come to us are looking for beauty, perfection… and service. Their satisfaction cannot be half-hearted. We are committed to quality. Your satisfaction is the goal of our approach.

The players in this profession know that without trust, there is no tomorrow. The eternity of a gem is beyond our measure, a stone, a jewel accompanies us for a lifetime. We wish to possess this piece of eternity, a concentrate of grace to offer, a talisman and a story to pass on to the next generation… Stone is the mineral sparkle at the base of this approach.

We are here so that the purchase of this stone is a moment of pleasure, without fear, without disappointment... in complete confidence.
We take responsibility. The choice of stones individually, according to their quality and their personality, makes each center stone a favorite object to appropriate and offer.


Our activity allows us to go as close as possible to the places of production, for days of research, discoveries, learning, exchanges...

The inhabitants of the places of legends who deliver their mineral wonders, Sri Lanka, South Africa The East, India… are often the real treasures of these countries.

The commercial links that are woven little by little make it possible to build and refine common interests.


We highlight the difficult work accomplished by local residents and investors, miners, owners, craftsmen, tailors…

We want everyone to benefit from their work. The investments to which we contribute allow a local economic fabric to continue and develop.

Our stones do not come from conflict zones. Our certified diamonds come exclusively from sectors approved by the Kimberley process.