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Our company


AETERNIS company specializes in the trading of precious and fine stones.

This independent company was created by Jean-Marie Albanese, an engineer by training, gemologist and trader by choice.

AETERNIS offers its services to :

Jewelry workshops and houses


Creative craftsmen


Jean-Marie Albanese

Scientist and engineer by training, I decided, after a career in the international industry, and having cultivated experience and rigour, to create my company in order to live my passion for beautiful crystals and artistic craftsmanship. .

Engineer Gadzart, ENSAM, National School of Arts and Crafts, Paris,

Graduated from Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris,

Graduated from Gem-A, Gemological Association of Great Britain, London,

Graduated from HRD, Diamond High Council, Antwerp,

Gemologist by choice, passionate about art, amazed by stones and their colors, my job is to discover the best in terms of precious and fine stones. I provide jewelers, artisans and all enthusiasts with the unique stones they are looking for. I also provide logistics for supplying workshops and jewelery houses with colored stones and diamonds.

“ I continue to travel in search of sapphires, spinels, garnets, aquamarines, emeralds and other tourmalines… which will adorn your jewelry.

I am looking for stones that can be part of my clients' creative process or renew it with original stone proposals. ”

“ My credo is extreme quality, quality of materials and quality of sizes. I believe that only the full satisfaction of my customers can ensure the future of the service provided by the company that I created… and that I continue to build every day, stone by stone, collaboration after collaboration. ”